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Ghost and the Moon is all about heart and unconditional love, and thrives to create a safe space filled with this love to support your healing, guidance, and messages needed that unfold you into your authentic self. 

Ghost and the Moon was created as a place to feel the balance between the light and dark in our own lives. To give us courage, peace, and strength to go through and observe the tough times as well as helping us feel the light that always comes. 

My services provide what you need, not always what you want. It can lead you into the darkness to support the new frequency you received. This is temporary. If you want radical change in your life, you got to learn to embrace the unknown, dance in the shadows, and create in the darkness.


Sara Caston, owner of Ghost and the Moon, provides holistic services devoted in healing, transformation, illumination, and a deeper sense of self. Combining her 20 years of Light Language, Voice lessons, and connection to Holy Spirit using sound; Sara ushers in a frequency of love from both the Divine and Mother Gaia. Love is the essence of self that supports everything we go through, when we remain connected to the Love of the Divine and Mother Gaia we are able to grow, release, and transform our lives by connecting to the inner frequency of our Highest Self. This brings forth miracles, abundance, peace, and ushers us into our natural frequency.

The services are all infused with Light Language and Holy Spirit guidance to fill you with the Divine frequency of your highest self.

Click here to learn more about Light Language.

*Please note certain services are closed between April 2023-July 2023 as I welcome my bundle of baby into our world and family. I look forward to connecting with you all again this summer! Thank you for your understanding.


Light Language Reiki - The Vision

Reiki is a support to bring energetic healing to the physical body, mind, emotions and aura. As a Reiki Master attuned to Usui Symbol, I've incorporated the use of Light Language in every session. Light Language is a higher frequency that connects you to your guides, your highest self, and any other supportive energies - while shifting your frequency to match what is supportive for you. In this hour long, online session you can expect a Light Language channeled message, a sound bath, Reiki energy, and Chakra balancing. All from the comfort of your own home.

Element Expression Mentorship The Stargaze

This Container is an expansion on the Element Expression Course (a prerequisite). This 1:1 6 week Mentorship supports you on your journey with connecting to your vocal element in a fun, safe space. 

My goal in these sessions; being guided by your team; is to explore the energies you need to open your voice and throat chakra. If you have a desire to sing, speak, create podcast, or connect to yourself with Frequency then this is the container for you.

Purchase Element Expression Course Here


During this hour session, I will share what I've been learning and integrating within the past few weeks; what I'm leaving behind; and what I'm building up stronger. All infused with Light Language.

Once a month, under the Full Moon, come together and receive the Frequency of both light language and the moon. 

This Light Language Meditation allows you to feel the activation of what you've been receiving from the last lunar cycle.

Full Moon Light Language - The Moon


Unbound Expression Mentorship - The Muse

1:1 Unbound Expression Mentorship is a 90 minute session focused to support your own sense of self expression. Utilizing the Akashic Records, Light Language, Straw and Water Voice exercises, this mentorship is to support you coming into your own sense of creative expression. This helps you integrate the energies you have been working with and gives you a safe and supportive place to expand your own creativity, expression, and voice. My heart and goal in these containers is to mirror back to you - who you are in this moment and support you in your journey of self expression. These are unique, individual sessions as you create your goals and dreams while I help you connect to your messages, creating a deeper sense of self confidence and love within your life, your business, and your relationships.

Unique Light Language Meditation - The Magic

These Meditations are 20 minutes of Light Language catered specifically to what you are calling in. Fill out the form, and Sara will connect to your energy, guides, and Highest self and channel a light language audio for you to download onto your phone and play whenever and wherever you need. This Light Language is going to change your inner frequency to connect you with your highest path. Calling in Abundance, Love, Health, Peace, and so much more.

*English may come through - but not guaranteed.



Are you looking to connect to your Natural Voice? Do you feel the call to work deeper with the Elements? This course is supportive to open your voice in a natural and authentic way. It starts with seeing yourself as one - connected with nature. Then you can call in these elements to be able to release your song of earth, fire, water, and air. Included in this course is practical vocal exercises and warmups, guided meditations, breathwork exercises that support singers, speakers, channellers, and self expression. See what happens when you open yourself up to releasing your voice in your most natural, powerful way. This supports those who want to sing, those who are interested in sound healing with their voice, healing their throat, and empowering their natural way of speech.

Invest in yourself here!

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