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About Me

I create safe spaces filled with Love, Light Language, and Holy Spirit Guidance to support you in your authentic self expression!


I am Sara Caston.

I am a Capricorn who loves a good time filled with laughter, inspiration, and deep healing.


I live with my family in the heart of Alberta, Canada.


I spent years learning to sing and spent most of my 20's in the theatre sharing my song and voice to entertain the masses.

My Spiritual awakening began in my late teens. I had just left home and went to school in another city studying Christian Theology at a local Bible College. During my time there I started following my intuition when it came to a relationship I had with a fellow who lived in my hometown. It was considered unfavourable by others because we didn't share similar values. In this in-between of following my guidance vs. everyone else's voice, I turned to Holy Spirit to lead me in the way that they saw fit. I didn't know about Highest Self, Guides, Soul Contracts or much of anything outside the religious dogma. My relationship with Holy Spirit grew - Colours became brighter, I healed a lot of soul crushing habits, and I poured myself into creativity. Holy Spirit showed me how to honour my emotions, activate my gifts, and share my essence. 

I was guided to leave the church and all my gifts in my mid 20's. My identity was wrapped up in this Christian Image that I knew wasn't who I was suppose to be.

My Solar Return came in the beginning of my 30's and I knew it was time to go back to my gifts in a whole new way. 

This led to my Second Awakening - I discovered a whole new world with Reiki, Tarot, Akashic Records, and Full Moon Ceremonies. I began to remember past lives, galactic timelines, and Goddess relationships. In early 2020 I got my Reiki 1 Certificate and got laid off at my old job. Following my messages led me to Create Ghost and the Moon. It was in the Full Moon Ceremonies I remembered my witch energy and my christian commitment. I saw myself as one, and merged these energies together. They were not separate of me - but who I had come to embody. The Ghost of my Christian past is now illuminated under my new age moon vibrations. 

I began teaching voice lessons in 2020 but I desired to see healings in my sessions. My passion began to grow to see people comfortable using their voice in their soul sovereign way. This led to Unbound Expression Mentorship which became a coaching container for activating the purpose of your soul through singing, dancing, and light language activations.

My third Spiritual awakening came after the birth of my son. The deep healing that comes with pregnancy, holding tight to my birth plan, and spending time post partum reconnecting to Holy Spirit - ressurected parts of myself I left. I saw that this was more of who I am. The things that made me different, that I grew up to resent, where gifts I need to live out my Dharma. My son helped me go and collect these desires within me with love and compassion so I can integrate this back into my life. To live a life of pleasure, of laughter and joy, to disrupt the systems placed around me. In an authentic, passionate way.

My Work:

I am a soul sovereign individual who is passionate about seeing others step into their souls, and freely express the truth that is already inside each one of us. We all came here to Earth to learn and grow not only as a human, but as a divine soul. I channel Holy Spirit energy to activate, cleanse, and ressurect, spiritual codes within your body. Our souls were put here to grow, we are but seeds from the stars forgetting who we are and why we are here.


My purpose is to cultivate a safe place for you to remember who you are.

Everything you need is already inside of you. Who you are on a soul level, why you came to incarnate during this time, the karmic ties you are releasing, and the deep lessons you came here to learn. I have become aware of the duality of humanity in my own personal healing and growing. I am an advocator for living out of your overflow - which means looking at you first. 

Trust and take heart in knowing that each appointment is a Divine moment for the Highest purpose of your Soul.

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