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About Me

Together we can make room for your highest self


I am Sara Caston.

I am a soul sovereign individual who is passionate about seeing others step into their souls, and freely express the truth that is already inside each one of us. We all came here to Earth to learn and grow not only as a human, but as a divine soul. I channel my cosmic team, as well as many others, who guide me to usher light and love to each person. Our souls were put here to grow. We are but seeds from the stars, rooted to grow. Allow Reiki energy to unfold the obstacles, mindsets, fears, and hurts that we have brought into this timeline to learn and heal from. 

Everything you need is already inside of you. Who you are on a soul level, why you came to incarnate during this time, and so much more is available to you within. Reiki is here to help your body receive the messages that are flowing into you from your highest self. To be able to see them, understand them, and create the life your soul came here to experience. 

When I channel Reiki, I simply allow it to flow through me. I come to each experience understanding I am a conduit of something bigger than myself. Me and my clients will join our souls and team together to be able to give you a personal experience that is unique to each soul. My ability to channel light language during these sessions creates a unique experience that transcends you simply in this moment. I have been speaking light language for as long as I can remember and spent years practicing it. Knowing I do not speak my ego desires but simply the will of God/Source, Your Highest Self, and your Soul. 

Trust and take heart in knowing that each appointment is a Divine moment for the Highest purpose of your Soul.

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