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Trust, Surrender. Without Expectations. Consistently.

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

"Nothing is happening!" "Why do I feel so confused", "If I have so many guides wanting to help me, how come I can't hear them!" All of these thoughts or similar to these perceptions have been my story for almost a decade. I've spend countless dollars, resources, hours trying to achieve a level of spirituality that so many Social Media "Gurus" seem to have in abundance. What were they doing differently? What "attunement" do I need to experience? Do I need to be in Bali, Sedona, or etc. to Ascend higher?

What do they have that I don't have? Nothing. We all have different gifts with our own unique purposes but we came here with everything we need. For you to step into your power and into your destiny here are some things you need to know.

  1. Trust, It always comes back to this 5 letter word. Such a simple word to say but not an easy word to follow. Where ever you are in your journey with this word, know that it is okay. Life is different for all of us - so our level of trust is going to vary. Find a mantra that grounds you to this word. "You're blueprint is different" grounds me into trust. I've always been comfortable being different and unique, knowing my blueprint is suppose to be different gives me comfort and peace. I don't have compare myself to anyone because what they have and how they got it. Once you are in a place of peace it makes it easier to do jump into step two.

  2. Surrender! Yes. Its so much easier to surrender when you can trust it. Letting go of resistance, and abandon oneself. Gzzz that phrase is harder to write about! Thinking of it in those terms seems terrifying. It seems less like I'm giving up my human rights; 'cause that's not what surrendering is about. I like to imagine surrendering as stepping into water and laying on your back. Allowing the water to move around me and go with the flow. It is the act of letting go of preconceived ideas.

  3. Expectations. We all have it. We all live in it. I believe our brains are designed to hold it as part of our survival programming. But we can learn to change this belief system. Now do understand that having expectations is still very important. It is a part of who we are yet we can live a life where we aren't controlled by expectations. We can and have the ability to release all preconceived ideas, fantasies, and beliefs. That is what happens when you fully Trust and Surrender. You release your expectations of where the river is going to take you, and you embrace the uncomfortable nature of the unknown.

This has been my mantra for the last few months. When I allow myself to trust, surrender, without expectations I experience things I haven't had before. Its not these supernatural level ups, and strong communications with deities and spiritual guides. Its a sense of peace, and love. Knowing whatever happens is a result of the Universe having my back. Just because I can't physically confirm with my 3D senses that I haven't experienced a supernatural moment, doesn't mean there aren't shifts happening. See it all comes back to trust. The more you trust, surrender without expectations, the more spirit will be able to communicate with you. The more you'll see the importance of cultivating a spiritual practice in your daily life.

Remember to always go with love. To treat yourself with the utmost respect, and kindness. Release any sense of guilt or shame and know its a process. I will say if someone told me a year ago that I would leave my job to write a blog about spirituality I would have ran for the hills! We all doubt ourselves, our worth, and what we're learning. Its all apart of growing. If we didn't doubt ourselves we wouldn't get opportunities to keep researching, learning, healing and understanding! It doesn't feel great, but know you got this.

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