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You can't spell Abundance without Dance....

Oh my goodness, what a month!

How have you all been feeling? I have been feeling so much.

This Summer has been hot! Not sure where, or what season you have been experiencing, but we are having a very hot Summer. Constant Heat Wave for the last few weeks. I can't complain, as a Canadian, our winters can get... -30 Celsius cold, So I enjoy the heat while we have it.

The themes that have been coming up for me this month have been about Transformation, Authenticity, and Rebirth. The Energy leading up to the 8/8 Portal and this week during the full moon, I am feeling exhausted, slow, and bored. Nothing interests me on the same level anymore and yet, everything around me is Chaos.

Honouring each process can be so tiring and yep, somedays, I don't want to. I want to pull myself of this moment and think about when will this energy shift, when will it change. Being in the moment is good, but also feels uncomfortable. This moment, that I'm avoiding, is the very moment I need to be in right now. Surrendering our wants and desires and allowing ourselves to breathe, feel, and release is the path through. It's about doing little things each day that changes our routine, our energy, our thoughts, our frequency. Whether it's listening to different music, waking up a little earlier, drinking water before coffee, singing a different song - it all changes our frequency, our energy, and our mood.

Don't be in such a hurry to move onto the next thing. Being overwhelmed is okay. Feeling out of control is okay.

It doesn't mean you aren't being taken care of. The Universe, God, Source, Your Highest Self, Your guides... They are taking care of what needs to be taken care of. We can release the overwhelm with song, dance, nature.

I want to share, that I use to be a dancer. I loved dancing, I loved the flow, the feeling of movement, strength, and stretch. Dancing was a Spiritual Practice for me. And I gave it up. I was hurt. I was young. It felt like dancing gave up on me, when I gave up on it. Lately... The hurt of it all is coming to the surface. To feel your body so intensely, to channel energy through movement - for myself. I miss it. The way you miss an old fling. You miss what it was in that moment years ago. Could you just pick it back up right where you left off? Or is there healing to be done?

It all started when I was listening to "Lakshmi (I choose to live in Love)" by Sam Garrett and Molly Mendoza. As this song was playing, I started channeling Light Language. As some of you know, Light language is an expression of Spirit that communicates on a deep frequency. During this, I noticed I said "Lakshmi"... I've never done that before during light language. Spoke the name of a God or Goddess. It kept coming through.. Lakshmi, Lakshmi, Lakshmi. The energy down to my cells shifted. My physical body was buzzing, I surrendered and allowed this energy to flow. Lakshmi is associated with Abundance. And I've been asking, how do I increase the abundance in my life.


My ego is fighting me. Reminding me we don't dance. We don't enjoy dancing... Reminding me of the hurt moments. The frustrations. The work we put in for "nothing". And I'm listening, compassionately. Because these emotions are valid. I was hurt. I stopped enjoying dance. But I'm okay now. These were lessons we learned back then, that we get to relearn now. With love, patience, and grace. As I dance, and get reconnected to my body on a deeper level, I'm guided to do this as a practice. As a Spiritual Practice. Use light language, open the records, channel the frequency of love and move it through your body. It will bring up and out old stagnate energy, it will alchemize, heal, release, bring clarity. It is acceptance of what has been done, and that it's brought me to this moment.

You want Abundance? Dance. Embody yourself, your home, your soul again. Freely express it.

Whatever gifts, or practices you are feeling coming back to you, know that you are loved. They are loved. And they were meant for you. In this moment. In this time.

Sending you all so much Love.

Be Blessed.

Sara Caston.

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