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Light Language

My personal experience with light language.

How do I receive light language?

What is light language?

How do I activate to it?

Can everyone speak it?

About Me and Light Language.


I was activated to Light Language at the age of 13 in a Pentecostal style, non denominational youth conference at the church I was attending. The scene was set exactly as you would imagine. There was music, a radical pastor from out of town, and our Youth Pastors. It was at the end of the service and we were called up if we wanted to be "baptized in the Holy Spirit and receive the gift of Tongues". All these people were around me, laying their hands near me - the pastor had me put my one hand over my belly, and over my heart as he put oil on my forehead and laid his hands on my head, behind my ears, over my hand on my heart, and over my hand on my belly - everyone around me just spoke tongues or light language at me - encouraging me to speak. They prayed in English, they prayed in Tongues - they activated this inner remembrance and knowing deep within - I just trusted the only thing I could think of - the word Na. So I set off my bat signal, trusted this one word, and nanananana my way for 5 minutes. The more I spoke it - the more it grew and expanded within myself. 


I spoke it a lot in church - till I was 18. I attended a bible college, and one course we all had to take was mandatory morning prayer. We all gathered in the Church, Wednesday morning, and for 90 minutes we would all just speak in tongues - If we wanted to share from the platform - we had to either have and interpretation or someone would have to come up and interpret. This grew light language so much for me in the way I would share it, speak it, sing it - and allow it to flow. I learned that it was a similar gift like dancing, singing, exercise - it required practice to build stamina, to remain focused in the energy, to allow it flow and feel comfortable to it. 


There was a time in my late twenties were I stopped speaking it, sharing it, stopped practicing it - and was terrified it was going to leave me. Up until this point I've only used Light Language in the parameters of religion. There were verse that I believed; that this gift is evidence of the Holy Spirit inside of me, and another verse that made me believe that He could leave me and the gift would be gone forever. I lived those years in fear that the gift would be gone forever - and I would pray that it wouldn't leave me. It had always been such a huge support in my life, especially my early twenties, and I didn't want it to be gone forever while I lived my Human life.


Coming back to Light Language (I call it Light Language now instead of Tongues as a personal preference). What helped me overcome my stigma was a Podcast by Ashley Hamalainen called "A Line Podcast"- Where she spoke Light Language for the first time. I knew it was going to be this same activation I received when I was 13. It was such a beautiful, freeing sigh of relief when I heard her speak it for the first time. It validated my gift, it removed my fears around it, it helped me see it not as me being a puppet to Holy Spirit, but an activated, co-creator, and powerful Light Language channeller. 


Listen to Ashleys Podcast "A Line Podcast" where we talk about Light Language: HERE on Spotify

How do I receive Light Language?

I understand Light Language doesn't sound like your native language. It can sound like gibberish to our human brain. I recommend receiving light language the same way you would receive reiki, or a sound bath. Sometimes I use an affirmation "I receive the light language being spoken to me" to help my skeptic brain relax and breathe into this frequency. Trusting it and allowing it to flow so deeply within me. 

What is Light Language?

Light Language is Language, a sense of inner expression - that comes from deep within. It is spoken into frequency - into the Quantum field to calibrate your frequency to that of your Highest self and your Highest timeline. It can sound like a bunch of different sounds, vowels, made up words - but the frequency, the intention, and the power Light Language holds is a release of a deep expression from within. 

How do I activate to Light Language?

The activation is unique to each person. In my personal experience - my crown, third eye, throat, heart, and solar plexus were activated by light language and prayer. Then it was trust. It came through me to speak what was there. To not judge the feelings, the sensations (or lack there of), the vowels, the sounds - but to embrace with faith that this is light language. It was also a personal practice for myself that I didn't start learning how to share one on one with a person for 8 years after the activation. It was a personal energy that I learned to develop a relationship with. You can be activated to light language through a light language channeller, reiki, nature, Spirit, and yourself. 

Can anyone Speak it?

This is your own personal frequency, sense of expression flowing through you. I believe if you can speak and make sounds - you can speak it. But do not feel limited to Light Language as speech. Some people see and channel symbols, create hand movements, dancing - do not limit yourself on how this frequency flows through you. 

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